Every Journey, with You.

Our Essence

At Fast Trek Tires, we continually strive to deliver value and quality to our customers.

We have been supplying tires throughout the United States to wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Our primary operating model is container-direct shipping to any destination in the US.

We are recognized as a reliable, responsible and trusted partner among distributors and retailers. By always putting our customers first, we understand their needs and work to find customized solutions. We believe in finding synergies with our customers and driving long term value for all stakeholders.

Your Confidence

Safety and integrity is of utmost importance at Fast Trek Tires.

That is why we have product liability insurance issued by a US based insurance company on our entire range of products.

Fast Trek only partners with factories that adhere to strict quality control standards: ISO/TS16949 Quality System, ISO 9001 Quality System, ISO14001 Environment System, ISO10012 Computation System, Certified DOT, E-Mark, CCC, E-Sound, INMETRO, GCC, ECE-SW and passed RAH